About the Strip

Simon is a quiet and passive guy until he is bitten by a radioactive rabbit. Suddenly his life is exactly the same!


A Furry Little History

I don’t know exactly how long ago I first drew Simon. I suppose I could find out, but there’s a cat in my lap and I’m really very lazy. I’m going to leave it at “over a decade ago”. I know this because I stopped drawing the original run of “Furry Widdle Bunny” after we moved.

So I’ll say it was maybe 2001, when I was building a website for “Johnny Public”, a comic that my wife and I made together. For some reason, I wanted to make the site a sort of community newspaper based in the comic’s main city. Thinking that it would make an easy, kooky feature, I wanted to do a really crap comic strip — something that would make readers wonder why anyone would make or print it. So, a few thin scribbles on a sheet of Bristol board later, Simon made his debut.

I think I gave up on the whole newspaper notion within minutes of posting “Furry Widdle Bunny”, since I really didn’t have the time to create a bunch of news items and other columns. Yet Simon stuck with me, and I produced a few dozen of the 6-panel strips and a couple of mini- and eenie-mini- comics (and a full issue story with the assistance of Nate Higley) before circumstances put an end to my creative drive.

Now circumstances have changed again, this time in an encouraging way. I came up with an idea for a 3-panel strip and put a few months into developing it before realizing that what I really wanted to do was bring back Simon and his gently corrupted world. So here we are, with a new start for the same old weirdos. Some things are different — the strips are colored now and produced digitally — but the lines are still jittery and uncertain so it’s pretty much back to business as usual.