I’ve been falling behind on my obligations to collaborative projects. This comic strip has always come before other work for me, as I’ve felt that my readers deserve a reliable publication schedule.

This came to a head last week when, ill and struggling in the face of conflicting demands, I wound up producing nothing. Including this weekly strip, I’m working on 5 things; something’s got to give.

In the short term, that thing is “Furry Widdle Bunny”. It’s what takes the majority of my time and focus, it’s a long-term personal project that I will always come back to, and a delay in production doesn’t effect other creators.

For me, it’s important that “Furry Widdle Bunny” comes out in continuous stretches. There are stories that build on each other, so dribbling out the odd strip when I have the time feels like the wrong approach. For that reason I’m taking a short break. Most of the other things on my list just need a little direct attention to get done. I should be back to just two active projects by the end of the year, and I fully expect to start up again in January 2016.

Thank you so much for sticking with me so far, and I apologize for betraying that faith. I promise that this strip has only just begun!

Enjoy the rest of 2015! I look forward to seeing you all again in a few months!